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amazon com gendering the city 9780847694518 kristine b - gendering the city provides a significant contribution to urban studies balancing critiques of domination with analyses of how groups and individuals have actively carved out spaces that resist and reconfigure dominant gender regimes the collection draws on a wide range of empirical work conducted in both canada and the united states to explore the diversity of women s experiences, gendering global conflict toward a feminist theory of war - gendering global conflict toward a feminist theory of war laura sjoberg on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers laura sjoberg positions gender and gender subordination as key factors in the making and fighting of global conflict through the lens ofgender, accounting as gendering and gendered a review of 25 years - this paper gives a critical review of 25 years of critical accounting research on gender addressing what we have learned to date and what are the most challenging areas to be investigated in the future, from mouth to mind how language governs our perceptions - take a second and try to talk about a person without mentioning gender if english is your native tongue odds are you failed but if you had been born in indonesia you might have succeeded, an overview of the status of women with disabilities in - gender affects the equal right of men and women to the enjoyment of their human rights gender refers to the social differences and relations between men and women which are learned vary widely among societies and cultures and change over time, fear of children wikipedia - etymology the word pedophobia comes from the greek roots paid child and ph bos fear scientific analysis the fear of children has been diagnosed and treated by psychiatrists with studies examining the effects of multiple forms of treatment sociologists have situated contemporary fears about children and childhood e g paedophobia as contributing to the