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amazon com implacable foes war in the pacific 1944 1945 - may 8 1945 victory in europe day shortened to v e day brought with it the demise of nazi germany but for the allies the war was only half won, amazon com war without mercy race and power in the - dower s premise in war without mercy is a startling one though western allies were clearly headed for victory pure racism fueled the continuation and intensification of hostilities in the pacific theater during the final year of world war ii a period that saw as many casualties as in the first five years of the conflict combined dower doesn t reach this disturbing conclusion lightly, world war ii wikipedia - the start of the war in europe is generally held to be 1 september 1939 beginning with the german invasion of poland the united kingdom and france declared war on germany two days later the dates for the beginning of war in the pacific include the start of the second sino japanese war on 7 july 1937 or even the japanese invasion of manchuria on 19 september 1931, japanese war crimes wikipedia - war crimes of the empire of japan occurred in many asia pacific countries during the period of japanese imperialism primarily during the second sino japanese war and world war ii these incidents have been described as an asian holocaust some war crimes were committed by military personnel from the empire of japan in the late 19th century although most took place during the first part of the